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SingTel first in Asia to launch INQ Mini 3G social networking mobile phone

SingTel and INQ

Today, SingTel and INQ Mobile held a media event announcing the launch of the new INQ Mini 3G social mobile phone, which is only exclusively to SingTel mobile customers. Mediacorp actress, Jessica Liew, was also at the event and talked about her experience with using the INQ Mini 3G phone.

Frank Meehan, chief executive officer of INQ, and Yuen Kuan Moon, SingTel executive vice president of consumer were there to launch the INQ Mini 3G, and talked about the partnership between the companies in Singapore, as well as the phone features. Unfortunately, no pricing info was given and that we would only know when the phone is available this coming Saturday, 19 September.

Mediacorp actress, Jessica Liew, talked about her experience with the INQ Mini 3G. Liew states that she enjoys going on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but was only able to access them when she’s home on her PC. With INQ Mini 3G, she has more convenience in accessing Facebook and Twitter anytime, anywhere.

The INQ Mini 3G is very slim and lightweight. You can easily access the various social online sites like Facebook and Twitter from the main screen. It does not have built-in Wi-Fi, which means you need to have a data plan in order to have Internet access. You can post your status and view your photos in the Facebook app, but not play games or do Facebook chatting (yet, as according to Frank).

The phone also comes with IM on Mobile app, though that is limited only to Windows Live Messenger. Basically, you just need to log in once on the various social apps including IM on Mobile, and you’ll be connected to them all the time. Just make sure you don’t lose your phone though.

Well, compared to other social mobile phones in the market, the INQ Mini 3G can basically do the same as the others. However, it is targeting the youth market who want to stay connected, and the attraction is its unbeatable price tag (which was not revealed at press time) and trendy color choices.

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