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Singtel Experiences Broadband Shut-down Islandwide With No Answers

Sometimes the internet just fails you for a number of reasons. Very rarely does it affect everyone around the country. Yet this is the reality we find ourselves in. As of this morning, all Singtel clients have discovered that their broadband has failed. Even now I have to write this up on my mobile connection. So what is going on?

Singtel’s nightmare Saturday

The first comments about the drop in service surfaced this morning on Singtel’s Facebook page. According to many, the outage started around 9am. No details were given for the cause, because apparently the telecom engineers are still working on a fix. Another update came at 11:55, which only added that they are still working on a fix.

That was almost an hour ago now, and still the broadband is down for several users. I’m ironically relying on Singtel’s mobile data to write this article. Needless to say there are many dissatisfied customers venting on social media. Comments on Singtel’s Facebook post, now numbering over 6,000, are ranging from jokes to gripes.

Several Facebook users are pointing out that every area is still down, although this is hard to corroborate. Others are demanding free 3G and 4G usage during the outage, citing the same the is done when the MRT brakes down and we get free replacement bus services. This would be a pleasant, but unlikely, gesture from Singtel.

When will it end?

It would take something really serious to cause islandwide shut-down of a major broadband provider. Channel NewsAsia, the first to break the story, said that all phone lines are swamped with calls. The last update was an hour ago. For now, there seems to be no end in sight.

Even when the issue is fixed, Singtel is going to be faced with some serious issues. Lack of consistent communication is making an already bad situation even worse. Many customers are complaining that they have to do their work using mobile data, which is not cheap. Let’s hope that Singtel offers more than just the standard corporate apology once this is over.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

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