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SingTel AMPed achieves two million available tracks, but are consumers biting?

iTunes is the de facto application to use when it comes to downloading music tracks from various artists legally, right? Well, that may be the case, but that will not stop companies from coming up with their own alternative music stores to rival iTunes. And with our own local SingTel AMPed just breaking the two million tracks level, will it be enough to sway locals over to SingTel's fold?

Unlimited music download services that charge a flat subscription rate may sound good on paper, but the fact remains that consumers have not been very receptive to such deals. After all, one would remember that we had reported on a certain unlimited music download service getting the heave-ho after receiving nothing more than a very lukewarm response to the service after little more than a few years of operation.

With that in mind, one really has to wonder if unlimited music downloads are the way to go, especially when Apple's 'per-track' pricing seems to be one of the more successful business models out there. However, SingTel seems to believe that the unlimited download business model is still viable today, especially if it can offer its subscriber base more than just a healthy library of downloadable tracks. Which is exactly what the local telecommunications company has done in a recent announcement regarding its AMPed music download service.

According to SingTel, the company has managed to secure a lucrative deal with the Singapore branch of Warner Music. As a result, the company claims that it expects to see a significant jump in subscribers for its AMPed music service now that it has more than two million downloadable tracks for users to choose from.

In addition, SingTel claims that this tie-up with Warner Music will also be benefical for consumers on an intangible level. Not only will subscribers be able to download an unlimited number of tracks at a flat monthly rate, they can also expect to "enjoy money-can’t-buy experiences such as exclusive showcases, autograph signings and meet-and-greet sessions with the stars".

As usual, AMPed is already included in the monthly plan charges for all SingTel 3G Flexi and iFlexi plans: as such, access and use of the service is free for such subscribers.  That being said, how AMPed will stand against the might of other popular music download services will be its ultimate test. With Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited already nothing more than a distant memory today, AMPed, being the only unlimited download music service left in the country,  will be the final litmus test in this business model's viability in local music market.

Source: SingTel

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