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Singbox SV-606 portable media player/speaker now available in Korea

How would like to own a portable media player that can double up as a mini speaker system while on the move? Well, that is exactly what Singbox is offering Korean consumers with its new SV-606 portable media player / speaker hybrid device, which is reportedly capable of performing the aforementioned task, and then some.

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With smartphones fast replacing portable media players as the device of choice for listening to one's favorite music while on the move, it would make sense that manufacturers of such devices need to find a way to keep up with the trends in order to ensure that they do not lose their entire market to smartphone OEMs. And apparently, Singbox thinks that one way to revolutionize the portable media player will be to give it both a cosmetic overhaul and its own built-in speaker, as can be seen in their new SV-606 device.

Resembling more of a glorified pepper shaker than a typical portable media player, the new SV-606 is reportedly capable of playing back MP3 and WMA files, although users will have to load up their favorite songs into microSD cards first due to the fact that the SV-606 does not come with any built-in memory, thus relying exclusively on the use of the aforementioned cards for its storage needs.

That being said, the real draw of the SV-606 has got to be its built-in 2W mono speaker, which potentially allows users to blast their music away to their hearts' content without having to deal with the cumbersome earphones, although Singbox has confirmed that the SV-606 will still come bundled with the traditional 3.5mm audio jack to cater to users who would prefer to use the device as a typical portable media player. Lastly, the company also claims that the SV-606 also features an FM tuner and measure 85mm high and 35mm wide, while its built-in battery is capable of lasting up to 13 hours on a single charge.

No pricing for the SV-606 has been released at this point of time.

Source: Novelview via Akihabara News

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