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Sims 3 University Life Expansion announced

The Sims 3 will be getting (yet another) expansion coming this March 5th. Sims will finally be able to further their education and throw wild parties! But with the slew of expansion coming out recently, will this new addition be worth the money?

By now, any gamer will recognize the title – The Sims may not be enjoyed by all, but it's certainly revered. The game is on the top charts, and is conclusively the best-selling PC-based franchise in all of PC history.  That's why, when EA announced that The Sims 3 would be getting yet another new expansion pack, most didn't bother issuing a complaint.

The Sims series is steeped in a history of success – from its meager start with the original Sims game in 2000, to the third and rather upgraded edition seen in The Sims 3 come 2009. For four years, EA has released only expansion packs for the game, including everything from World Adventures to Pets. Enthusiasts have been crying out for a university-based expansion for a while, and EA is finally answering.

The newest pack, slated for release on March 5, is coined simply Sims 3: University Life. You know what that means – parties and well… mostly parties. While it seems much of the content will be drinking related, the Sims drink “juice” – so no worries if you're hoping to steer your Sims-playing kids clear of alcohol. Besides the parties and “juice”, sims will now have a major and follow through with a regular college life. Study, go to class, and get smarter! For those who seek to head back to their college days, the new expansion pack may be a welcome sight.

Enthusiast or not, EA announcing yet another expansion to the series may come with some frustration. Many of the packs that have been released have come with minimal amounts of content but with a steep price tag. While the recently released magic-themed pack Supernatural was greeted warmly, the following Seasons pack was only given a lukewarm reception. Simmers are hopping that this new pack will come with more than “juice pong” and a new type of college-themed party – for the amount of money we'll be forced to shell out, this had better be good.

But don't think that EA is done just yet – while University Life is set to release in the spring, a new expansion Island Paradise is slated for the summer… and a yet-to-be-named pack will be released in the fall. The only hint is that the fall pack will be somehow related to time travel. Perhaps this is a good time to cultivate your young University-attending sim into a scientist.

Source: Gamezone

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