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SimCity for Mac has been delayed until August


The latest entry in the SimCity franchise has been in the news a lot in recent months for very bad reasons. Surprisingly, this delay may be one of EA’s better decisions.

I won’t get into the entire controversy that has been surrounding EA and the latest SimCity game.  Long story short, they included DRM with hopes to curb piracy and all that ended up happening was loyal and paying customers ended up being punished for it.

EA’s Maxis team deserved all the flack they got for releasing SimCity in the virtually unplayable state that it was in. With that said, they seem to be making some smarter decisions with the latest evidence being the delay of the game for the Mac platform.

They are claiming that it isn’t quite ready yet so it’s nice to see them be willing to take the time and ensure that it works properly before unleashing upon unsuspecting users. If you’ve been wanting to play this on your Mac and are willing to give EA Maxis a second chance, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The bright side is they’ll be offering the Launch Pack bonus as part of the purchase for Mac users.

Source: SimCity Via: Engadget

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