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Sim Lim Sq Walkabout: Week 17, 2008

You might find yourself fishing out your wallet for some of this week’s interesting cards, new motherboards and peripherals.


Last week, we took a look at the ASUS Striker II Extreme. This week, we shall take a look at XFX’s nForce 790i Ultra board, which comes packaged in an attractive box.





The ASUS board looks very fanciful, whereas XFX has decided to go with the industrial look. The layout is decent and we shouldn’t experience any problems when it comes to installing/removing cards/memories/cables.





The cooling around the CPU socket looks adequate and should be able to withstand some pretty heavy overclocking.

The thing that would catch one’s eye would be the tower-styled northbridge heatsink to ensure better heat dissipation for lower operating temperatures.





Green color-coded PCI Express slots for Tri-SLI!





This board is comparatively much cheaper than the ASUS Striker II Extreme at only $ 619, and you could grab it at Cybermind Computer House.

If you do not need the features offered by the ASUS board, you could probably take some time to consider this product.







Yet another Intel X48-based board? How about yes, and no? You would probably overlook it as the MSI X48 Platinum, but this is actually the X48C Platinum which could handle both DDR2 and DDR3 memories on the same board. Talk about future upgradability!





The board looks rather similar to the X48 Platinum, but we only have 4 internal SATA ports only on this board! The same Circu-Pipe heatpipe/heatsink concept cools the essential components on this motherboard.





Six DIMM slots! It’s been a while since we all have seen six slots on a desktop board! The green/orange slots are for DDR2 memories, while the blue/pink slots are for DDR3 memories.





A switch card is provided and this must be used to tell the motherboard what memories are onboard. Slot the switch card into the DDR3 slot if you are using DDR2, and vice-versa.





8-phase PWM finally?





With a price tag of only $ 419 at Fuwell Technologies (5th floor), this board should be moving some sales.


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