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Sim Lim Sq Walkabout: Week 15, 2008

The large attractive package ASUS has been using since the Blitz and Commando days. The board comes packed in a hard plastic holder, while all accessories and documents are packed in a separate flat box.

The Rampage Formula is identical to the Maximus Formula. Well, both boards use the same PCB. The only change we could find is an updated ‘Republic of Gamers’ logo found on the southbridge heatsink. It is understood that the Rampage Formula has undergone some BIOS tweaking as well.


The board runs on an 8-phase PWM, and sports ASUS EPU technology, which helps to conserve power. The heatsink network on this board are actually two separate blocks. The MOSFETs are cooled by one heatsink block, while the northbridge and southbridge are cooled by the other block.

Please note the space clearance on this board’s CPU socket area. The heatsinks on this board are not small to begin with, and may cause some mounting problems with extremely large CPU heatsinks.


We have two PCI-E x16 slots for CrossFire, two PCI-E x1 slots and two PCI 2.2 slots on this board. There are buttons designated for power and reset functions on this board itself.


Similar to the DFI board, the heatsinks extend all the way to the edge of the board for better cooling.

As with all later ASUS motherboards, they dropped the PS/2 mouse port, but retained the PS/2 keyboard port.

Not only does the Rampage Formula offer users six USB ports, two LAN ports and a Firewire port, it also provides a coaxial S/PDIF audio output and an optical output.

A very handy feature is the ‘Clr CMOS’ button located at the back.

This board isn’t cheap. It retails for $ 539. It has an excellent passive cooling system, great board layout, and is feature-packed. Not only that, it carries on the tradition of high overclockability on RoG boards. So is it worth your money? Probably it would be a resounding ‘yes’ from the enthusiast/overclocking community, but if you are already using the Maximus Formula, you might like to think twice before purchasing the Rampage Formula.

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