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Oh have I mentioned this?

For you watercooling freaks out there, this case is a big treat for when you feel lazy to do case cutting and all.

This case comes with hose holes at the back to blend into your watercooling loop, all conveniently provided free of hand-drills and jig-saws.

This baby cames with a 240 x 120mm wire-mesh that is removable for you to mount on your radiators which will function with good air pathways courtesy of the wire-mesh.

Now, the surprises keep coming…

This mesh thingy…

comes from the bottom of the hard disk bay.

Although I am quite sure it would improve the cooling performance of the case, I wouldn’t be too reliant on it – Firstly, the bay has no active cooling as it is, meaning stagnant air. Secondly, you can expect to see a lot of dust collected over time, but this wouldn’t be too bad I suppose, as once again, it is passive.

And wait! There’s more. This mesh here comes from under the Power Supply Unit placement, which is placed at the bottom of the case unlike the usual ATX form factor that places it right at the top, above the motherboard.

Also known as a dust collector. Never really was a fan of meshes but they do their jobs well, providing ventilation while minimizing dust build-up.

Closing the side panel may take a little bit of getting used to. Unlike the usual “catch and slide”, this case’s side panel is just “catch and screw”.

May prove to be quite frustrating at first, but this will really help if the back of the case is stuff-packed full of power supply wires if you’re into tidy cable management. Without any sliding of the side panel required to close up the case, you don’t get the frequent occurence of wires getting caught between the side panels.

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