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Silverstone ST65ZF 650W PSU Review

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As this power supply is made for the SLI running systems, it comes
with 2 PCI Express connectors.

This means you can run your dual 6800 Ultras without any need
for a molex to PCIE convertor.


An interesting addition is the 3 potmeters found on the side of
the casing.

Tuning the potmeter on the right in the above picture clockwise
by a little bit, I got a slight increase in my 12v rail.

How does she perform when it comes to the crunch?

I can say I’m very very impressed with this unit. With a highly
clocked Pentium 3.73 Extreme Edition running at 5.8Ghz running
high voltage, and a highly overclocked and highly volted 6800 Ultra at 600Mhz
core and 1404Mhz memory, the voltage rails are stable and even
3D mark was no problem with it:

It works like a bull with a single card system, even with high
clocks and high voltages. Let’s see how it works in a dual card SLI system….


With the help of this power supply, I was able to take an FX55
to 3.45Ghz and 2 power hungry 6800 Ultras to 637Mhz
core and 1386Mhz memory and complete 3D Mark with it! All these
speeds are of course ran at high voltages and throughout the testing, voltage
rails were stable as a rock!

Here are the details of the rest of the components of the test beds:

– 2 x Seagate 80Gb Baracuddas

– 1 x DVD/CD Rom Drive

– 3 x 0.8 Amp 120MM Fans

We have also used the ST65ZF to push a new platform
consisting of:

The beefy Zeus helped us reach a new 3D Mark record in 3D Mark 05 and 3D Mark
03! Almost 17,000 in 05 and just shy of 40,000 in 03!

The whole platform draws a constant 610 watts
of power, peaking at 630 watts, as measured by a Clamp-Amp-Meter
on the AC current line. That is technically one of the most gruelling tests
we put the unit through!

The noise level is quite high on this unit though, due to a single 80mm fan cooling implemented. The price of huge power usually comes with the price tag of heat or silence.


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