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Silver Lake executive joins HP after working on rival deal


After working for Silver Lake on a deal to buy out Dell, Todd Morgenfeld has now left the company to work for one of Dell’s rivals, HP.

Todd Morgenfeld is an executive who until recently used to work at Silver Lake, a private equity buyout firm. For the past 8 months, he was working on a deal to buy out computer manufacturer Dell, but now, he’s been hired by Dell’s main rival Hewlett-Packard, where he’ll be assuming a senior operating role. Morgenfeld didn’t just work on the deal to buy Dell, he was intimately involved and most likely knew every aspect of the $24.4 billion deal. He was involved in due diligence, negotiations and strategic planning, making the sudden move to HP very odd; even if Silver Lake cut all of his access to the deal right now, he’d still have most of it in his head.


Morgenfeld has a background in tech investment banking. He worked at Goldman Sachs until 2004 when he was hired by Silver Lake. Chances are nobody predicted this move, and in all likelihood, lawyers are already involved. So far Morgenfeld hasn’t been added to the HP directory, but he has been removed from the Silver Lake website.

It is of note that Todd Morgenfeld isn’t the first executive to leave Silver Lake for HP. Last year, five year operating partner George Kadifa left as well, however, this was before negotiations began with Dell.


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