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Silicon Studio release free benchmarking software for iOS/Android


Ever wanted to test the power of your cell phone? Silicon Studio is here to answer your prayers with their new MOBILE GPUMARK software. But be warned, the guys over at Silicon Studio really love CAPS LOCK.

GPUMARK is composed of several tests which can evaluate specific features of your graphics unit. RIGID GEMS tests shader power and measures the 3D capabilities of your mobile device. DEAD PARKING tests display of multiple characters, while NATURAL BONE uses a variety of rich 3D models with highly detailed textures to simulate scenes from high-end game consoles. Finally, there is a GPU BENCHMARK option that will test all aspects of your GPU. SOUNDS GREAT, DOESN'T IT?

Let’s take a closer look at each test.


Light beams are reflected and refracted off sparkly gems and rings, utilizing complex shader programs, post effects such as glare and depth of field, and physical simulations such as collision between gems and rings. Each gem has around 300 ~ 600 polygons and each ring has 832 polygons.


This demo tests drawing of multiple 3D characters with large polygon amounts, generation of real time shadows for the 3D objects, glare and depth of field, and control of character motion. Each of the 24 zombie characters in the demo has around 2,000 polygons, and the main character has approx. 3,300 polygons, while the background uses 13,000 polygons.



This demo pulls no punches and throws in current generation console level 3D models and high quality textures. Rest assured, this one will really give your GPU a decent workout. The character’s polygon count is 12,000, and the background has a whopping 150,000 polygons.



Combines ‘Fill Test’, ‘High Polygon Model’, ‘Many Models’, ‘Per Vertex Lighting & Specular’, ‘Per Pixel Lighting & Specular & Normalmap’ tests into one big survival challenge. Will your GPU make it to the end, or just melt under the pressure? THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

Each demo also comes with a ‘demo mode’ which lets you play with options such as glare filters, out-focusing, level of physics, and so on.

If your phone manages to run the tests without dying of exhaustion first, scores from each demo are uploaded to a server where you can compare your phone’s power level with other devices (then brag on every forum in existence).

The benchmarking software currently runs on Android 2.3.3, iOS 5.1 and below, but a Windows version is also in the works.


iOS version

Android version



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