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Shuttle XPC SN26P SLI

On the external look at this machine, it appears to be just another shoebox
sized SFF. Shuttle’s naming convention for their casings is usually detonated
by the model name. The SN26P, like what the name suggests, uses the “P” chassis.
Being the biggest sized in Shuttle’s family of SFFs, it’s size is still
miniature, when compared to any Micro ATX based system. With air vents all over
the sides of this chassis, the “P” chassis comes with the best thermal
efficiency when compared to other models in their SFF line up.

First, we take a look at the external profile of this well designed XPC:

This is how the SN26P looks straight out of the box. Right
from the first sight, this looks just like another other XPC, but looks can be
deceiving. This model comes with a maroon colored front bezel, unlike other
models based on the similar “P” chassis. The “P” chassis would usually come in
dark blue, grey, or black front.

The front of this Shuttle comes with a multi-function panel.
With a slight push, it reveals the connectors. This panel includes connectors
for USB2.0, Firewire, Microphone, and Audio Out.

The side profile of this SN26P. Both sides comes with similar
vents, for a push-pull ventilation model. Cool air would go in from one side,
and hot air would be exhausted from the other. Pictured here, the exhaust side,
where the fan would blow out the hot air.

The rear of the XPC SN26P. A large vent on the top would
propel heat generated in the system, out of the case. Unlike the conventional
“P” chassis, heat from the graphics card is also exhausted here, since the heatsinks connected to
the graphics cards, are placed there.

The rear I/O connectors for this model. Apart from the usual
PS/2 ports, and USB2.0, this model also comes with goodies like Firewire,
Digital and Coaxial SPDIF out. Also included, a special Clear CMOS switch. Such
switches are extremely useful, in events like a failed overclock. For a complete
listing, please see the previous page.

Right out of the box, two Leadtek Winfast PX 6800 GT is
already installed on the XPC. Dual DVI, and S-Video outputs for each of the
card. Users who are simply not interested in performance, could disable the SLi
option, and have up to 4 monitor outputs.

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