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Shopping Guide (Systems): Autumn 2003

This guide is meant to help people upgrading or building a new system with their decisions. Covers a range of components extensively, giving you a definite guide to what to buy for your next DIY PC

This guide is meant to help people upgrading or building a new system with their decisions. However as I always say, every user has completely different needs so I can’t ever be too accurate with my suggestions. Note the word suggestions, which are all that I will give here. My personal opinion can differ between users even if they have the same needs but here I will have to generalize my opinion to each group of users and not the individual, so you better read carefully and be sure that the components I suggest will suit your needs.

Furthermore, take note that these kinds of guides are good only for small time periods since the electronics industry is literally flying. It’s impossible to keep up with it so these guides and most of the components in them will be outdated or overrun after a few months. This particular guide is meant only for autumn 2003, up to the New Year perhaps.

Also there are 2 kinds of PC systems. Those based on the AMD processors and those based on the Pentium 4 processors. Since I hate debates on which is best I will recommend systems based on both so the users will choose themselves which they prefer. In my opinion which is best depends solely on the user needs and preferences, neither company is better than the other.

I will divide my opinions to the following user groups:

  • Basic systems
  • Budget systems
  • Overclocker systems
  • High-End systems
  • High-End overclocker systems
  • Workstation/Office systems

I believe that it is obvious what the groups represent and in which the individual users belong.

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