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Shift 2: Unleashed Review

Shift 2: Unleashed looks and sounds good, though slightly lacking on the impressive scale. Nitpicking on the fine details, we were hoping spectators will react towards a crash instead of standing there like a drone flashing its camera at space.

Comparing to its predecessor, visuals look good although it is lacking an impact in today's generation of graphics as it looks almost identical to Shift. However, I was impressed with the details with the driver dashboard and the fonts used in the game: Crisp and sharp.

Cars look good only if you turn on full anti-aliasing which takes a bite at system performance. At 1680×1050 pixel resolution, we max out the details with 16x anistropic filtering and find myself with an average of 40 frames per second on a AMD Phenom X4 955 with a Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 graphics card installed. 

The revving of engines to crashing your vehicle were fairly spectacular. The game lacks a certain oomph although the experience was much better when you are in the driver seat.. It maybe loud enough but the engines between different manufacturers seem almost the same.

A look into the game's video options

Racing on the dijon renois track


Comparing to its predecessor, Shift 2 Unleashed feels more wrapped up in terms of features, filling out what has been missing and adding on several features like night racing and new gameplay modes. The new additions are neat but not ground breaking.

Like first person shooter games, the helmet camera view is refreshing and puts you on the perspective of a driver, it is perhaps the main feature to attract buyers to get this game. 

Single player mode is rather lengthy and should be enough to cover hours of different gameplay , making it a real deal to get.

Shift 2: Unleashed is also available on PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles at a retail price of S$56.90 for the PC

Score Rating  
Story 8.5
Visuals 8.0
Audio 7.5
Gameplay 8.5
Replayability 8.0
Average 8.1



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