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Sharp’s new television is so Elite, Pioneer decides to license its brand to them

Many home theatre enthusiasts may remember the fateful day when established audio-visual powerhouse Pioneer made the decision to cease production of its television sets, but it appears that good news eventually come to those who have patience. Apparently, the company has agreed to license its Elite brand of television sets to Sharp in order to ensure that it still has a presence in the television market today.

For a brand name associated with mostly consumer audio-visual products, it should probably be expected that news of Pioneer pulling out of the television market would cause quite a stir among home theater enthusiasts. After all, this was the very same company which made some rather popular devices such as DVD recorders, Blu-Ray players and some of the best known plasma displays in the market.

Fortunately,  it seems that enthusiasts need not have concerned themselves about Pioneer completely abandoning the market for television sets anytime soon. While Pioneer may have announced that it will no longer produce any more television sets, it appears that the company has got no issues with licensing its trademarks for use by other manufacturers. And at the center of this new agreement is the right to use the Elite branding, which has reportedly been awarded to Sharp.

According to TWICE, this agreement will allow Pioneer to continue offering a complete ecosystem for its Brand lineup, which comprises of premium audio-visual products such as speakers, receivers and Blu-ray disc players. Meanwhile, Sharp claims that the right to market Elite branding will be vital in its efforts to "expand distribution of its premium large-scale TVs into high-end specialty A/V dealers and other accounts with assisted sales floors".

Still, it should be pointed out that Sharp has got no plans to keep its new line of Elite television sets true to their predecessors. While Pioneer's Elite television sets were exclusively powered with plasma technology, Sharp intends to drop plasma display in favor of LCD technology in its own line of Elite television sets.

Last but not least, we should point out that Pioneer's Elite line of plasma television sets were never meant to be affordable to begin with, so don't expect Sharp's variant to vary much where price is concerned. However, it does strike one as odd that Sharp did not manage (or attempt) to secure the rights to the 'Kuro' trademark in the process, but that is probably because everybody knows that Pioneer's legendary ultra-rich blackness in its 'Kuro' lineup are still light years ahead of the competition to be considered as being in a completely different league altogether.

Source: TWICE

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