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Sharp Launches New Wave Of 3D-Capable Products

It may have been a little late in hopping onto the bandwagon, but Sharp has come out with its guns blazing to show just what they have to offer the world in terms of 3D-enhanced entertainment. And to that end, the company has announced a slew of new products for the consumer, ranging from 3D television sets to even 3D projectors.

Sharp has been conspicuously absent when it comes to offering 3D-capable products for the average home user, but that is set to change very soon. In fact, the company has just announced a slew of new 3D-capable products for consumers recently: this includes a pair of 3D Quattron televisions sets and a 3D-ready projector.

According to an article by Digital Trends, the 3D Quattron television sets, otherwise known as the LE 925 series, will make use of the same ‘quad-pixel technology’ found it its premium 2D versions, but with the addition of 3D support,. LG claims that the quad-pixel technology is capable of displaying colours at up to 1.8 times brighter than traditional LCD screens.

In addition, the LE 925 series of television sets sport various new features as well. In addition to the standard 2D-to-3D conversion found in some of the competition, Sharp’s products are also capable of doing the opposite: stripping 3D effects out from content into 2D only. This is ostensibly done to cater for viewers who may have various health problems which prevent them from enjoying 3D content without going through some discomfort.

Also announced was the company’s new 3D-ready projector, the XV-Z17000. Said to be targeted at the home theatre enthusiasts, the single-chip DLP projector is claimed to be capable of outputting contrast ratios of up to 30,000:1, along with 1,600 ANSI lumens brightness.

The LE 925 will be available in both 52-inch and 60-inch form factors at US$4,199.99 and US$5,299.99 respectively, with its launch date to be confirmed on a later date. Sharp has also announced that the XV-Z17000’s price will be revealed in CES, although it has stated that projector will be launched sometime in 2011’s first quarter.

Source: Digital Trends

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