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Sharks will post their location on Twitter to prevent attacks

In order to stop the shark killing by sea authorities in Western Australia, scientists have tagged over 320 sharks in order to alert via Twitter when they are near the beach.


Western Australia is the most dangerous place to die by a shark attack, with six deaths in the last two years. The state has decided to kill all the sharks that measure more than three meters and swim one kilometer from the beach. They will capture them, kill them, and dump them into the sea.

It seems unfair for the sharks due to that they’re just swimming in their natural habitat. So, Australian scientists have developed a new way to stop the killing. By tagging the sharks they will know when they are near to the beach sending an alert that shows like this on Twitter:

In this way, and as it is in real time, people can evacuate the beach before something unfortunate occurs, furthermore, marine biologists can gather more information about the sharks and the way they travel and the habits they have.

Source: Gizmodo

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