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Sharkoon Gaming Mice 3-way review

Sharkoon supplies the Drakonia inside a well-made cardboard box, the front of which opens and reveals a full view of the mouse via a plastic window. Plenty of information about the mouse and its features may also be found around the sides of the box.

Inside the box, the user will find a very simply nylon carrying pouch, a set of gliding Teflon pads and a mini CD with the software accompanying the Drakonia.

The Drakonia is a relatively large gaming mouse with a…unique aesthetic design, with the glossy top painted so as to look like dragon's scales and the sides of the mouse creating a rubbery scale grip pattern. Much like with the majority of gaming-focused computer mice, the Drakonia is designed for right handed use only.

Matching the theme of the mouse, the cable of the Drakonia is covered with green-black textile sheathing. A filter has also been placed near the gold-plated USB connector.

On the left side of the mouse, above the scaly rubber thumb grip Sharkoon placed an oversized version of the two classic "back-forward" buttons. A third programmable button can also be seen at the bottom of the thumb grip and, although its position might look like it will be inconvenient to use or even that it might be pressed by accident, it actually is very practical.

A similar scaly rubber pattern is being formed on the right side of the Drakonia, providing a good grip surface for your baby finger. A programmable button can also be seen near the top side of the mouse, meant to be pressed with the ring finger; we found that to be nearly impossible for someone with small hands but a user with normal hands can use it without much of a learning curve.

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