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Sharkoon Gaming Mice 3-way review

The Squad is the simplest gaming mouse that Sharkoon currently offers and the packaging reflects that. The simple blister packaging is designed so as to attract attention by providing a full view of the entire mouse, while the cardboard part is mostly used to depict the features of the mouse and to provide protection during transport.

Sharkoon designed the Squad to be an almost symmetric medium size mouse, yet the design is not appropriate for left handed users. The entire mouse is made out of plastic, with the majority of the top surface having been corona treated in order to create a "rubberized" feel. The chrome design frame of the Squad is also just painted plastic, not metal.

The two classic "back" and "forward" thumb buttons which any modern quality mouse has can also be found on the left side of the Squad. Beneath the buttons the body forms a comfortable thumb grip.

Beneath the ridged wheel, which wheel feels a little too wobbly by the way but is accurate enough for gaming purposes, Sharkoon placed a DPI switch. The DPI adjustment can be performed on the fly and does not require any software or drivers.

The bottom of the Squad mouse is somewhat uninteresting. With the exception of the four large Teflon feet and the Avago 7700 Laser Sensor in the middle, there is nothing of interest as this mouse has no fancy features or adjustment weights.

Albeit it being a gaming mouse with a precision laser sensor, the Sharkoon Squad can now be found retailing for about 20 USD in north America and for as low as 10 EUR in Europe at the time of this review. The retail price of this product is so low that there will be many cases where the Squad will be cheaper than the mousepad it sits upon. Despite its flaws and average quality, with such a low retail price for the number of features and performance it offers, it is very difficult for us not to recommend it.

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