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Shanghai security guard turns discarded bus into solar-powered home for his family

A 39-year-old retired Chinese soldier by the name of Sun Jie is showing everyone what self-reliance is all about.  Despite all sorts of adversities, the diligent husband and proud Shanghai security guard is doing his best to provide for his family by retro-fitting a discarded bus and turning it into a habitable home.

Sun’s wife has breast cancer, so he uprooted his family and moved to Shanghai to secure better treatments for his wife.  Living expenses in Shanghai is so expensive that Sun has to dig deep into his bags of tricks to support his family.  Using skills he acquired in the military, Sun purchased a bus and turned it into a home complete with solar power.

(Sun's humble abode.)

However, since pictures of his humble abode began emerging, local authorities have been trying to expel him from the area.  Some nearby residents are claiming that Sun and his family are illegally occupying land that they don’t own and building structures that are not certified. 

“We don’t need help or your sympathy.  We cannot afford to buy or rent an apartment in the city so we built one.  It’s not breaking the law or disturbing the others.  So if you cannot give us another shelter, just leave us alone.  Leave the bus and our life alone, here, isolated but peaceful,” says Sun’s wife. 

Adding on to Sun’s increasing responsibilities is the fact that his heart disease-stricken mother is also a part of the household.  Sun earns $2000 yuan (~321.00 USD) a month, and since he is the sole breadwinner of his family, most of the money goes towards medical treatments of both his wife and mother.

The makeshift Sun RV is currently occupying a narrow lane in the suburban Songjiang District, and it’s probably only a matter of time before authorities and unaccommodating locals find ways to remove the family’s home.

(This is what happens when an old Chinese couple refuses to move from their home. Sun's home, however, might not be so lucky.)


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