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Serious Sam 4 currently being funded by Humble Bundle


Serious Sam devs get serious about making new game

The Humble Bundle has come to define the shared humanity and giving spirit that is within gamers. Even for a dollar, we can enjoy some amazing titles while still helping, developers and charities. A few months ago, Wolfire Games decided to start doing a weekly Humble Bundle to showcase different developers and to keep interest going between the big Humble Bundles. This week’s Bundle is for the Serious Sam collection from CroTeam.

While this article already sounds like a sponsorship for the bundle – which you should contribute to, regardless – the guys over at CroTeam have confirmed they are working the next Serious Sam title, using the developer donations from the current Weekly Bundle. In the bundle’s pitch, CroTeam outline that, “All funds to the developers in this weekly sale will go towards making the upcoming Serious Sam 4 the craziest and greatest Serious Sam game EVER.”  The game is currently being developed and a bit of promo art was released for the title on the Bundle page.

The current bundle runs until Thursday and features a total of eight games, which are all unlocked for the low price of $4.29 (at time of writing). However, if you’re not that big a Serious Sam fan, but still want to help the developers, you can always just drop a dollar and get only six of the games. Just whatever you do, don’t pirate the series or otherwise, this will happen.

Meanwhile, Humble Bundle 8 is still going on as well if you want to throw some more money at some amazing independent developers and charities.

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