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Sennheiser Launches New Premium Reseller Store At Marina Square

Having spoken about the five new headphones that were being launched by Sennheiser in conjunction with the official launch of its first Premium Reseller store on the previous page, we now come to the part you have been waiting for: the headphones themselves.

In this page, we will cover the new HD 500 series of premium headphones designed for the serious audiophiles.
Sennheiser Audiophile Sound: HD598
Touted as the epitome of sound quality and comfort combined into a single package, the HD598 promises nothing but the most outstanding listening experience. Sennheiser claims that the HD598 is fitted with its innovate E.A.R technology, which is responsible for channelling audio signals directly into the listener’s ears while highly constant, compressed cellulose fleece reduces harmonic distortions. 
Last but not least, the HD598 is fitted with a “high-quality leatherette headband and velour ear pads” which is supposedly capable of further enhancing the audio experience of the listener.
Sennheiser Audiophile Sound: HD558
Like its more premium HD 598 counterpart, the HD558 shares the same E.A.R technology to ensure ideal sound channelling, but loses the luxurious leathrette headband. However, the HD558 comes with state-of-the-art Duofol diaphragms to ensure top-grade sound quality.
Sennheiser Audiophile Sound: HD518
Top-notch sound quality does not need to come with equally top-notch price tags attached to it, and the HD518 is proof of that concept. Like the HD558 and HD598, the HD518 also boasts the same features such as E.A.R technology and state-of-the-art Duofol diaphragms. 
In addition, the ear cups are also “generously padded” to ensure maximum comfort even after extended usage.
Pricing and Availability:
The HD 518, HD558 and HD598 headphones are already available for sale at S$199, S$229 and S$339 at the Sennheiser Premium Reseller store, CK Tang and selected Sennheiser authorised dealers.

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