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Sennheiser Launches New Premium Reseller Store At Marina Square

Now that the festive season is all but upon us, there is no better way to encourage a little pre-Christmas spending in the name of pampering oneself after a tough year of work and deadlines. And if the audiophile in you is calling out for some attention, you are in luck. Sennheiser, a well-known audio company specializing in high-grade consumer and professional audio equipment, has just launched its first Premium Reseller store at Marina Square today. And we at VR-Zone are proud to bring you the coverage of the launch event.
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For some, getting earphones for typical consumer electronic devices such as notebooks, slates and portable music players involves nothing more than picking out the cheapest available product, regardless of its quality and specifications. Needless to say, these are the people who do not believe in the importance of decent audio quality as long as cheap earphones can produce something that sounds like a mix of both muffled music and distorted sound waves.

But for others who know that good audio quality is the key to truly getting the most out of one’s audio experience, it appears that some festive joy awaits them over at Marina Square. This is because Sennheiser, a well-known German company reputed for its high-quality audio devices, has just launched its first Sennheiser Premium Reseller store at the aforementioned location, which is situated right at the heart of the Raffles Boulevard shopping belt.
The new Premium Reseller store will offer customers a wide variety of headphones and earpieces designed for the casual listener to the serious audiophiles, and will be operated by Pacific City.
In his opening address to the media, Sennheiser Electronic Asia President and Managing Director Ng Chee Soon spoke about how the new store will change the way customers purchase the ideal headphones or earphones for their audio needs.
“Sennheiser sees the need for retail touch points to be consumer friendly in order to improve the overall customer purchasing experience. The Sennheiser Premium Reseller store is designed to enhance such experiences by allowing easy access to display shelves and tester units for sampling our products,” he said.
Ng also went on to describe the current practice of the audio section being a small part a typical electronics store as being less than ideal for the best customer experience.
“Currently, when people buy headphones, they go to a typical electronics store, and they get distracted by so many things because the audio section is only one sub-category of such a store. The market is already developed enough to allow for a specialty store that is focused only on providing headphones, where the expertise is readily available,” he explained.
In addition, Ng revealed that the launching of the store was only half of attraction: the other half came from the fact that Sennheiser will also be launching a five new products in conjunction with the official opening of its Premium Reseller store.
“We are really excited to launch a new range of products. They are the HD 500 series of headphones designed specially for the audiophiles. We will be launching the HD 518, HD558 and HD598 headphones. And at the other end of the scale, we are also launching two new lightweight headphones for the casual listeners, namely the PX 90 and the PMX 90,” he said.

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