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Seiki launches 39-inch 4K TV, Ultra HD now costs just $699

Japan based company Seiki launches yet another affordable 4K Ultra HD TV, this time a 39-inch model that costs just $699.

Seiki 4K TV affordable

Wait what? Didn’t 4K TVs just launch? Don’t they cost upwards of $2000 or something? Erm no… Japanese company Seiki has one vision that we wholeheartedly support, producing budget 4K Ultra HD TVs for the general consumers. Yep, you don’t have to be Richie Rich to own one. Of course, you won’t get a 84-inch 4K TV for some magical figure, but a 39-inch model is enough for most modern households (considering the smaller house size in Asian countries including India, Japan, etc.), 4K just takes things one notch higher.

Seiki affordable 4K TV

Seiki’s new model, coming in after the company’s affordable 50-inch 4K TV, has slim bezel, 120 Hz refresh rate and costs just $699 (INR 40,000 – Cry if you bought a 1080p TV for double its cost) with market availability as early as this month, June. Don’t worry if you have an appetite for larger screens, with a 50-inch model already available, Seiki plans to introduce a 65-inch 4K TV soon. Of course, an relatively affordable pric tag is guranteed with all their products, so you can rest assured.

Source: Seiki

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