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Sega teases their brand new “Spectrum”

This teaser announcement has been released online after being noted by the NeoGaf user, shaowebb. The announcement seems to have been taken with the user’s camera phone from a screen and simply has the English word “spectrum” and a date below it.

Sega has been out of the console race for over fourteen years, and while their revenue for last year was almost 400 billion Yen (US$5 billion), a new console may not entirely be out of the question. The Dreamcast was a departure from the planet motif, and spectrum could refer to either a brand new way of seeing lights and colours or possibly a Sega game subscription service, akin to EA’s Origin, for Sega to sell an entire digital catalogue and find a brand new revenue stream.

Some have even speculated that Sega may be just releasing a new form of hardware but the eagle-eyed forum users over at NeoGaf, specifically a user named Uncle Rupee, made a note that the colours from the teaser announcement have a correlation with characters from the Sega-created Sonic series.  While this isn’t necessarily a confirmation of something game-related, it is a great nod to the history of Sega and their creative endeavours.

Whatever it is, we may see it on June the 12th, with many speculators are leaning towards the possibility of a big announcement in the middle of E3. With only a few big announcements on the horizon from SEGA, a whole new console or even a brand new Sonic title could make the fans go wild.


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