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SEGA “Mega Drive Portable” shows up in Brazil

Most of us who grew up in the early days of console gaming would fondly remember the days where Nintendo's NES and SNES would go head-to-head with the likes of SEGA's Master System and Mega Drive video game consoles. And while those systems have now found a better place in the heaven for obsolete game consoles, old-timers might probably take a shine to a new iteration of SEGA's classic Mega Drive console, which comes in the form of a portable device sold by Tectoy.

Good old SEGA. While their consoles have now moved on to a better place in the heaven for obsolete video gaming systems, it is still common to find people talking fondly about the company's consoles, and for good reason. After all, it was SEGA which brought well-known titles such as the ever-popular Sonic The Hedgehog, Bare Knuckles (or Streets of Rage) and Golden Axe series to the forefront of video games in the early days of the console wars.

However, old-time gamers who have been wanting to play some of their old Mega Drive games once again usually find themselves resorting to ROMs and emulators, simply because it is almost impossible to get a hold of working consoles in good physical condition due to the age of the system. However, it seems that deliverance might have come in the form of a portable video game console sold in Brazil, known as the Tectoy MD Portable.

According to Japanese technology website ITmedia, the Tectoy is also sold under various different names due OEM branding practices, but the console is otherwise identical to OEM-branded variants sold in Brazil, and is available in either a three-button (Mega Drive 1-style controller) or a six-button (Mega Drive 2-style controller). Apparently, the MD Portable will not accept any genuine Mega Drive cartridges due to size constraints. instead, game ROMs are reportedly pre-loaded into the console, and that there are about 20 different titles that are bundled into the retail units of the MD Portable.

An OEM version of the Tectoy MD Portable marketed as the Blaze

Details about the device's hardware specifications and price are scarce, but what we do know is that the device sports a 2.8-inch display, which is rather small by today's standards considering how the PSP and DS feature significantly larger screens.That being said, ITmedia claims that the console features built-in support for TV-out connections, which would probably be a welcome addition for gamers who want to recreate the authentic console-gaming experience of the early 1990s.

That being said, we should point out that ITmedia made no mention about licensing in its article, which suggests that the Tectoy and its OEM variants are all manufactured without SEGA's approval. 

Source: ITmedia

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