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Second Galaxy Note 3 commercial: collapsing buildings, kids singing and Lionel Messi doing nothing (video)

Ever since Samsung has decided to quit mocking Apple in its Galaxy commercials, things have gone from weird to weirder to weirdest. Remember the dancing ninjas/goat-centric Icelandic ad for the Galaxy S4 (though technically Sammy did mock Apple if you paid close attention)?

Galaxy Note 3

Unfortunately, the confusing direction and unclear message have transpired to the Galaxy Note 3 marketing campaign too, albeit the phablet’s first two adverts are nowhere near as tacky as the big ball of odd from back July.

It’s just they fail to hit the nail on the head, looking like decent artistic efforts, but in no way compelling for potential GNote 3 buyers still pondering their purchase. The first featured a puppet master, her respective dancing marionettes and, for some reason, an overall 80s kind of vibe.

Newsflash, Sammy, this is 2013, you have probably the best smartphone around, so start acting accordingly, will you?

Now, as far as the second Note 3 video commercial goes, it’s clearly cost the Koreans more than a pretty penny, as it stars the world’s greatest footballer (don’t call him a soccer player, please), Lionel Messi. Yet you’d think for the gazillion of dollars they coughed up to the Argentinian, they could have convinced him to do a little more than suit up and… smile.

I mean, seriously, you could have given the guy a football or something. Oh, right, you did give him one and then you told him to slide it on the grass with his hand (?!?) towards a bunch of singing kids. It’s like I’m watching some kind of absurd play. And to think that crappy Galaxy Gear smartwatch got those awesome ads.

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