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Seagate Thinks Hybrid HDDs Are The Future Of Data Storage

Swapping out the traditional HDD for an SSD is usually the fastest (and most expensive) way to experience an instantaneous performance boost on a PC, but does it have what it takes to displace the mechanical HDD as the standard for data storage? Apparently, Seagate does not think so.

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There is no denying that in a performance showdown, the SSD triumphs the mechanical HDD by a long shot in just about every aspect save for two key areas: cost and data capacity. But for Seagate’s CEO Steven Luczo, these two flaws are all the proof he needs to declare that SSDs will not the the storage medium of choice.

Instead, it will be hybrid drives like the company’s current Momentus XT which will outlast and survive the SSD as the ideal storage solution for consumers.

In a conference call with financial analysts, Luczo described how he saw the SSD market as one that lacks both market share and prospects, due to its high costs and limited data capacities. He also cited Apple as an example, claiming that a very limited selection of the Cupertino company’s products offer consumers the choice of an SSD instead of the traditional hard disk.

“I would say though that from what we know of the offering for example Apple, the percentage of their units that they sell with SSDs versus HDDs is a tiny fraction. I think it’s under 3%, certainly under 5%,” he said.

Luczo also stated his belief that hybrid drives have the capability to offer users the ‘best of both worlds’. This is due to the fact that hybrid drives like Seagate’s Momentus XT serve as a ‘middle ground’ between both SSDs and traditional platter-based hard disks by featuring both onboard Flash memory along with traditional magnetic media. By using technology such a Seagate’s Adaptive Memory, the hard disk can ‘learn’ to identify frequently accessed information and move the relevant data over to the Flash memory for faster access.

However, Seagate has also admitted that SSDs hold many advantages over both traditional and hybrid hard disks, although it failed to elaborate on what those advantages were. Still, given that Seagate has been touting the cost and data capacity advantages hybrid hard disk have over SSDs, it appears as though the company is banking heavily on the cost-conscious consumers who are more willing to trade performance over large storage capacities and low upfront costs.

Source: X-bit Labs

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