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Scythe Orochi – Monster in a box (Preview)

A short preview of the Scythe Orochi before we show you the real deal, soon.

These days, the price wars have been brought to a whole new level on the processor front with Quad cores rapidly becoming extremely affordable. With the increased performance of the processors, comes a price – heat. Keeping the heat in check more often than not means slapping a faster fan or a high performance heatpipe heatsink onto the processor to keep it cool and happy. Or, if you’re into overclocking these beasts, then the solution might be to employ both or perhaps, shell out more hard-earned-cash for a water cooling solution. For those who choose the former, the ones who suffer are often family members as they put up with noise generated.
To combat this, Scythe has recently shifted their focus into producing larger heatpipe heatsinks paired with slow-moving, low-noise fans such as the Zipang. And if that is not enough, the recently announced Orochi heatsink not only packs more heatpipes but also dwarves the former and indeed, almost all other heatsinks out there. It promises to keep your processor (at stock, mind you) happy whilst operating passively but also comes with a 14cm large fan that spins at a mere 500RPM to help move some air without being heard. Given Scythe’s experience with producing excellent heatpipe/ heatlane heatsinks such as the Infinity (Mugen), Ninja and Shogun and the Orochi may not be such a crazy solution for those looking to retain their sanity or hearing afterall.

When the mini-monster of a heatsink arrived at our labs today, we were fairly amused to find that it was not quite as huge as we thought it would be. At least, that was the case up to the point when we cracked the lid on the box. The heatsink practically occupies the entire box and is easily the size of half-a-dozen cans of Coke and more. Excited as we were, we definitely would not forget our viewers and so we are bringing you a preview of the heatsink before we slap it onto our testbed for some testing. Hence, it is with pleasure that we bring you pictures, pictures and more pictures! Or some would say: pr0n!

It really IS huge!

Now, if you still cannot fathom exactly how large it is, grab a ruler and read through the basic specifications to determine how large it really is.

Model Name: Orochi CPU Cooler
Model Number: SCORC-1000

120 x 194 x 155‚m / 47.24 x 76.38 x 61.02inch (Overall Dimension)
140 x 140 x 25mm / 55.12 x 55.12 x 9.84inch(Fan Dimension)

Fan Speed: 500rpm (±10%)

Fan Noise: 10.8dBA

Air Flow: 29.39CFM

1155g (Unit) + 130g (Fan)
2.55lb (Unit) + 0.29lb (Fan)


Socket 478 All Speeds
Socket T/(LGA)775 All Speeds

Socket 754 All Speeds
Socket 939 All Speeds
Socket AM2 All Speeds
Socket 940 All Speeds

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