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Scythe Mi-ne Multi-Socketed Heatsink Review

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Through interaction with many of our forum members, the main concern that prevents them from experimenting with new cooling solutions is the hassle of installation. The main problem with many of the heatsinks is the very troublesome mounting mechanism. For example, to mount a big Typhoon from Thermaltake, one will have to remove the mainboard from their case, stick a very sticky mounting plate on the back of the mainboard and painstakingly screw the Big Typhoon in place. God, the thought of all this trouble can turn anyone off in an instance! Not to mention about the hassle of removing the backplate when you want to swap your heatsink. gee.

 Fortunately, Scythe has managed to come up with the near-perfect mounting mechanism, the VTMS. One can just change the mounting mechanism with a flick of their fingers. The above picture shows the various mounting mechanisms of the VTMS. Another heatsink that utilises the VTMS system is the Scythe Samurai Z. No more hair loss due to frustration and high blood pressure!

Clips for A64 mounting

Clips for LGA 775 Mounting

Clips for Socket 478 Mounting

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