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Scythe Kama Cross Heatsink Review

The Kamacross features a unique crossed heatpipe design with a total of 80 fins attached, 40 on each side. The close proximity of the fins is an indicator that the heatsink will need a fan that can churn out high pressure and airflow to perform. A total of 3 heatpipes are used to transfer heat from the bottom plate to the fins attached. With this design, the fan attached can also effectively cool the base plate, heatpipe as well as the area around the CPU.

The heatsink also comes with a 100mm fan which is pretty weak and unable to sustain the heatload of the Intel Pentium XE processor that we will testing with later, but fret not, you can always swap the fan out! As 100mm fans are not commonly available in the mass market, Scythe has also made mountings for the enthusiasts to remove the default fan and attached a 120mm fan if needed. Kudos to Scythe for such an innovation.

This time round, instead of the usual RCCM2 mounting mechanism that Scythe adopted for their higher end heatsinks, Scythe has chose to use a screw on mounting mechanism that’s similar to their Ninja revision B heatsinks. Something that’s not as convenient, but will allow you to mount your heatsink with ease without having to remove your mainboard from your case.

A very nice, shiny and flat base.

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