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Scythe Chouriki 2 Plug-In 650W PSU Review

entrusted the cooling of their Chouriki 2 Plug-In power supply to their own Kama
FLEX 135 mm fan. This fan features a S-FDB bearing which, according to Scythe, works
an improved anti-shock structure for improved longevity (120,000 hours MTBF
at 25 °C). It is an all-black fan with a ball bearing and maximum rotational
speed of 1150RPM. Part of the fan is covered with a plastic mesh in an effort
to direct airflow.

It is about time to have a look inside the Chouriki
2 650W Plug-In unit. After cracking open its chassis, it was fairly easy for us
to recognize Highpower (also known as Sirfa) as the OEM manufacturer and base
designer of this power supply. Scythe certainly worked a lot on squeezing out
every bit of performance this design can offer by installing and/or oversizing
many components. The filtering stage consists of 2 X-type capacitors, 4 Y-type
capacitors, 2 filtering coils and one surge-arresting MOV, more than enough to
suppress common AC voltage power issues.

 Two Rubycon
?F/400V capacitors
can be seen at the primary side of the power supply, which is strange as there
capacitors are unexpectedly large given the design and output of this unit. The
secondary side capacitors are made by Nippon Chemi-Con, making this power
supply an all-Japanese affair. Scythe went with thin but sizable and
well-designed heatsinks which should prove to be more than adequate for the
cooling needs of this product.

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