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Scythe Chouriki 2 Plug-In 650W PSU Review

supplies the Chouriki 2 Plug-In PSU inside a well-sized and very simple-looking
cardboard box. Besides the carbon fiber background and the series logo there is
no artwork to be found at the front of the package, neither a picture of the
unit itself.

It appears
that all units of the same range share the exact same packaging as the
specifications of every unit are printed at the sides of the box. A lot of
information concerning the power supply can be found around the box. 

the package which we received lacks any information in English as it was
probably meant for specific countries of the European market. 

Inside the box the
power supply is protected only by a simple bubble bag. There is no Styrofoam or any other means of protection.


The bundle received
with the Chouriki 2 650W Plug-In unit is minimalistic. Besides the necessary
modular cables and the AC power plug you will only received a very simple black
and white installation guide and four black 3M screws. There is no pouch for
the extra modular cables, no cable straps or anything else to be found bundled
with this power supply.

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