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Screenshot: Windows 8.1 update definitely has boot to desktop option

If you’re a Windows 8 user and desperately want the ‘boot straight to desktop’ option, then the Windows 8.1 update will most likely offer just that.

A purported screenshot of Windows 8.1 has revealed that Microsoft has indeed added the boot to desktop option—or something like that.

Non-touchscreen desktop users will be pleased with the update, as it has come to the general consensus that Windows 8’s ‘Modern’ UI don’t exactly fit the needs of many traditional users who don’t own tablets or have touch-capable hardware.

Also in the update is the (expected) return of the Start button, which, up until now, is a highly desired option, with many Windows 8 users already having installed third party software to bring back functionality that are Windows 7-esque.

A Windows 8.1 preview build will be released during Microsoft’s BUILD conference later this month, and the RTM release is expected to drop sometime in August.

Microsoft may have gone overboard by over prospecting the growth of touch-enabled devices, but as many consumers still rely heavily on non-touch hardware, the Redmond-based company’s only option is to appease to the will of its following—else, risk more ridicule and eventually loss of users.

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