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Schematics detailing A8’s ‘Phosphorus’ co-processor surface

Allegedly leaked schematics which detail “Phosphorus” co-processor on the iPhone 6 surface online.


Apple made a significant improvement to the iPhone’s power package last year. Alongside the A7 processor it introduced the M7 co-processor which essentially collects data from a number of sensors, including but not limited to accelerometer and the gyroscope, processes it and then sends it on to the main processor. This takes the load off the main processor since it no longer has to focus on collecting that extra data. The A8 processor is expected to power Apple’s upcoming mobile devices and as per the leaked schematics it too will perform the same functions as the M7.

The new co-processor, codenamed “Phosphorus,” will have more responsibilities on its proverbial shoulders. That’s because it will be tasked with collecting data from sensors that are not necessarily on the iPhone itself. Linked wearable devices and fitness accessories will be able to monitor vital fitness related data through their onboard sensors which would then be collected by Phosphorus and fed into Apple’s Healthkit app.

Detailed at WWDC 2014, Healthkit is Apple’s one stop solution for all health and fitness related information that’s collected through the iPhone or supported linked devices. Data collected is going to include heart rate, cholesterol levels and blood sugar, to name a few.

This might set the stage for Apple’s fitness focused iWatch smartwatch to debut later this year. As far as the next generation iPhone is concerned, it is believed to be on the cards for next month.

Source: GeekBar

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