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Scare the heck out of people with iPhone-driven Halloween costume

Searching for some Halloween costume ideas?  Search no further, because all you really need is an iPhone (or just a smartphone in general), a T-shirt, and some duct tape to scare people [I-dare-not-say-the-word]less.

Mark Rober, one of the engineers that was involved in the Mars Curiosity rover project, has designed some special T-shirts to go along with a free app that will gross, impress, and scare the hapless out of people.   The main concept behind the T-shirt+iPhone is the utilization of the phone’s display to play videos of funny and creepy things through a hole in the shirt.  The shirts that are being sold on digitaldudz aren’t plain Hanes, rather they’re artsy shirts that have designated cutouts where the iPhone can be implanted.

For those that aren’t so inclined to cut out holes in a perfectly good T, digitaldudz is also selling the iWound, a latex gash that has a pouch designed to fit the iPhone.  If you want to make the gash look even more realistic, you’ll probably have to shred up your T to make it seem like a zombie actually tried to yank your heart out.  So in the end, there will be some cutting and blood smearing, but the fun in creeping people out is worth it.

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