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Sapphire Radeon X800 GTO² Limited Edition

The bundle that comes with this GTO² can only be considered average. While
most cards of such caliber provides at least a full version game in it’s bundle,
this Sapphire GTO² comes with only a Demo disc that contains a handful of
current generation game titles. Titles such as Brother In Arms – Road to Hill,
Prince of Pursia – Warriors Within, Richard Burns Rally, and Tony Hawk Pro
Skater Underground 2.

While these games are games that people actually play,
it’s still a fully functional, limited-time demo. Although the disc provides
an option to buy these games at a much discounted price, it might be either a
boon or bane to gamers. While some might prefer such options where they can get the game at a nominal price, some might argue with the fact that other
brands actually give out 1 or 2 of such full retail titles.

However, what’s worth
commending is the fact that Sapphire gives out full versions (not cut down “SE”
versions) of Cyberlink suit of products, like PowerDVD and PowerDirector.

Here’s what’s included in the package:

The usual bunch of cables that’s included in the bundle. This
includes a 9 pin DIN to HDTV cable, 9 pin to VIVO cable, HDTV cable, RCA
composite cable. Also included, the 4 pin Molex to 6pin PCIe Power connector,
and a DVI to VGA converter.

The remaining items in the bundle includes a standard Driver
disc, a Cyberlink Power DVD 6.0 disc, and Cyberlink PowerDirector 3 disc. As for
the games, it’s all on the Sapphire Select disc, which contains all 4 full
functional time-limited demos games. Of course, the user manual is included in the

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