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Sapphire Radeon X800 GTO² Limited Edition

With a Limited Edition tag and having a similar configuration when compared
against the high end X850 family of cards, we are eager to know if this card is
actually another remarked product. While the Connect3D card is essentially an
X800 Pro and the PowerColor GTO 16 is a X800XL, we won’t be surprised if this
GTO² is actually a higher end card remarked and sold at a lower price to
attract buyers in the mid range market.

As usual, we take a closer look at the card:

Here’s how the card looks like from the top view. Except from
the slim single slot heatsink, the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) looks strikingly
similar to the higher end X850XT cards we usually see. The heatsink however,
looks pretty similar to those found on X800XL cards.

The back of the PCB is also very similar to the higher end
X850XT cards. But however, Sapphire has an addition of RAM heatspreaders, to
cool RAM chips located at the back of the card. This heatspeader does get warm
in 3D intensive tests, thus, it’s useful in heat dissipation for the RAMs.

Like the higher end X850 family of Radeon cards, this X800
GTO² comes with dual DVI ports. Such configuration will be well loved
especially to professional users who own twin DVI LCD monitors. As per usual, a
9 pin DIN VIVO capable port is included, in between the 2 DVI ports.

The ATi Rage Theater chip provides the
VIVO functionalities to this card. Although this feature is usually reserved for
higher end cards, it appears that most X800 GTOs have this feature set.

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