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Sapphire PURE Innovation A9RX480 Motherboard

The Gigabit LAN controller on this board is powered by this
Marvel 88E8052 PCI Express GbE Controller.

Firewire on this board is taken care of by this VIA VT6307
IEEE1394 “A” Firewire Controller. It would be better if this board is equipped
with a Firewire “B” Controller to have almost double of the transfer throughput
of the “A” standards.

As we’ve described earlier on, the MOSFETs on this board are being
cooled by this large heatsink. These CPU Voltage regulating MOSFETs heat up
during overclocking and this heatsink aids in dissipating the bulk of heat
produced. Although this heatsink design looks rather primitive as compared to
some elaborate solutions we’ve seen, such cooling works quite decently.

Small Power on and Reset buttons are available on the board
itself! Such options would be well loved by hardcore enthusiasts who do not
even use a case. These buttons allow the user to power up the board
without the use of any other tools.

We must say that this board comes with no less then 8 of
such indicative LEDs. Like the one shown here is the Primary IDE activity. The
other LEDs would indicate various status, like Secondary IDE activity,SATA activity, CPU VID / PWM indication, Standby indication, and Power

These are the I/O connectors present on this PURE Innovation
board. By doing away with legacy Serial and Parallel boards, you can see a large
empty PCB space beside the PS/2 ports. For a complete listing of the available
I/O ports on this board, please refer to our Specification in the previous

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