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Sapphire PURE Innovation A9RX480 Motherboard

With a stunning white PCB and fury red component slots, this is one of the most fanciful motherboard we’ve seen so far. With 4V for VDimm and over 2.0V for Vcore, this board promises to be an overclocker’s dream. VR-Zone takes a deeper insight into this board that is geared for enthusiasts.

NVIDIA is no doubt the undisputed
leader in the enthusiast market for AMD based chipsets. With a wide-spread acceptance of
the nForce chipsets ever since the entrance of the nForce 2 which received rave reviews all around, NVIDIA has been leading in this field all the way till today’s nForce 4.

However, we are starting to see some interesting solutions from the other camp.
Being their arch rival in the GPU market, ATi also shares similar
interest in taking on the enthusiast market for motherboard chipsets. Today, we take a close look at this contender. It is built to compete with the strong NVIDIA Nforce 4 Ultra. However, ATi’s approach
to the scene has been a little slower than it’s counterpart. While Nforce 4
based motherboards have been selling in the market for a year,we are just starting to
see some ATi RX480 boards appearing in the market. Can ATi re-capture this
enthusiast market with RX480?

The Sapphire PURE Innovation A9RX480 is one interesting looking board
that features ATi’s RX480 northbridge and SB450 southbridge. The motherboard itself comes in a
distinctive cream white color, standing out from the usual colors of
black, blue or even red. The packaging box is in shiny silver, with a Velcro
secured flap that allows you to take a glimpse at this pretty motherboard.
However, what actually aroused our interest is actually the type of tweaking
options we are expecting to see on this board. Promising a 4.0V for VDimm and a
plethora of memory tweaking options, can this board be the next overclocker’s dream?

The pretty packaging for this motherboard. It’s been sometime
since we see something different like that. Nowadays it seems, the graphics cards have even nicer packaging than the motherboards.

Here’s some quick Specifications on this motherboard:

CPU Support
  • AMD Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Sempron (Socket 939)
  • Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 X2 Supported
  • 1000MHz HyperTransport Link Supported
Memory Support
  • Dual Channel DDR
  • 4x 184 pin (2.6V) DDR DIMM modules with support up to 4GB
  • Support for DDR 200MHz / 333MHz / 400MHz
  • Unbuffered ECC Supported
  • ATi Radeon Xpress RX480 Northbridge
  • ATi IGP SB450 Southbridge
Expansion Slots
  • 1x PCI Express x16 Slots
  • 2x PCI Express x1 Slot
  • 2x PCI Slot
Rear I/O Expansions
  • 1x PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse Connector
  • 4x USB Expansion Connectors
  • 1x RJ45 LAN Connector
  • 1x IEEE 1394a Firewire Connector
  • 1x Audio Connectors (7.1 Channel Out)
  • Realtek ALC880 7.1 Channel
  • High Definition (HD) Audio
  • AC97 2.3 Compliant
  • 2x UDMA 100/66 Devices (Via ATi IGP SB450 Southbridge)
  • 4x SATA (150MB/s) (Via ATi IGP SB450 Southbridge)
  • 2x SATA2 (300MB/s) (Via Silicon Image Si3132)
  • ATi IGP SB450 Southbridge supports RAID 0 / 1 Configurations
  • Silicon Image Si3132 Supports RAID 0 / 1 Configurations

  • Marvell 88E8052 PCIe Gigabit Network Controller

  • 4MB Flash EEPROM With LAN Boot, PnP, ACPI, Wfm, DMI 2.0
Form Factor
  • Standard ATX
  • 12 Inch x 9.6 Inch

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