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Sandy Bridge-powered ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook shows up in Amazon

HP's ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook may be well-known among audiphones and notebook users as one such device which boasts some serious enphasis on how notebook audio can and should be, but the fact that HP has yet to refresh the notebook with some love in the form of Intel's latest processors may probably turn some people off from the purchase. Until today, that is: apparently, there is a certain ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook that is currently up for sale at Amazon which is powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge platform.

Now that Intel's mobile Sandy Bridge platform for has been out on the market long enough for people to consider it "mainstream", it would make sense that most OEMs would have already refreshed their notebook lineup with the aforementioned platform. After all, it is important to ensure that their products are more than capable of meeting their consumers' needs and demands.

That being said, HP's premium ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook was starting to appear like the odd player out due to the fact that the notebook has yet to receive any Sandy Bridge love from the company, in spite of it being positioned as a high-end product that boasts both exceptional audio quality and performance. However, it seems that this is about to change today, if a certain notebook which is currently available for sale on Amazon is supposed to mean anything.

While Amazon did not explicitely specify the processor's model number, it did not take long for us to determine that the hardware used in this particular notebook is not part of the standard configuration that is currently being offered by HP. Indeed, a quick look at HP's product page reveals that there are only three processors available for consumers to choose from in the ENVY 14 Beats edition: an i3-370M, an i7-720QM and i7-740QM. Yep, no i5 in the list there.

More importantly, Amazon's mention of a 2.3GHz i5 processor was the final piece of the puzzle to give away the game that the particular ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook which it currently has for sale is one that is powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge platform. For one, there is no Arrandale-based mobile i5 processor which is shipped with a clock speed of 2.3GHz, but a certain Sandy Bridge-based chip known as the i5-2410M does.

With all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place, it does not require much for one to deduce that HP must have silently updated its ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook to bring its performance up to par with the competition. Still, one has got to wonder why this particular configuration has yet to make itself known in HP's very own product page…

Source: Amazon via Engadget

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