Last but not least, Cheng announced the launch of two new USB flash storage devices that were first showcased at this month’s CES 2011. First up on the list is the Cruizer Edge CZ51, which was the company’s “smallest slider USB drive”.

However, just as there is no ‘one-size fits-all’ specification when it comes to USB flash storage devices, Cheng also announced the available of an additional USB flash drive, the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive. Unlike the Cruzer Edge, the SanDisk Ultra sports a slightly larger foot, but makes up for its increased size by boasting superior performance over the Edge. According to Cheng, the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive is capable of transfer speeds of up to 15MB/s and will be available in capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB.

SecureAccess is the data protection software that can be freely downloaded and installed into any SanDisk USB flash drive. Once installed, the software automatically runs when the device is connected and is touted to be capable of securing private data in a password-protected vault which is secured with a software-based implementation of 128-bit AES cypher.