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SanDisk 8GB iNAND embedded flash drive utilized by LG Arena

LG Arena KM900

At the Mobile World Congress, SanDisk has announced that LG’s multimedia phone, Arena (KM900) has incorporated their 8GB iNAND embedded flash drive. The iNAND embedded flash drive has both data storage, as well as a boot capability, thus eliminating the need for a separate boot device.

SanDisk has announced that LG’s latest multimedia handset, LG Arena (LG-KM900)  will include SanDisk’s iNAND™ 8GB Embedded Flash Drive (EFD). The iNAND storage device will be utilized by the handset as both a boot and data storage device, eliminating the need for a separate boot device.

Announced at the 2009 Mobile World Congress, the LG Arena multimedia handset is the manufacturer’s flagship model for the first half of 2009, featuring superior audio and video technologies as well as LG’s new 3D S-Class user interface. SanDisk’s iNAND EFDs are designed specifically for advanced multimedia handsets such as the LG Arena, providing a fast and reliable storage solution in a small and power efficient package.

In addition to high capacity MLC NAND flash based storage, iNAND is fully capable of storing system boot code. Using iNAND as a system boot device means there is no need for the additional boot code storage device used in traditional designs. This conserves precious board space, reduces handset design complexity, lowers handset power consumption and saves the cost of an otherwise needed separate boot device. SanDisk’s flash based EFDs have been catering to personal storage and boot needs based on NAND MLC flash since 2003.

SanDisk iNAND EFDs come in a wide range of storage capacities, utilizing eSD and eMMC standard interfaces and packages for quick integration into handset designs. With managed physical partitions, customizable attributes and power failure immunity, SanDisk iNAND features a highly reliable code storage and boot device in addition to being a mass storage solution. iNAND offers design flexibility to OEMs through its ability to scale up from 1GB to 32GB and more, in both discrete and multi chip package configurations.

Source: SanDisk

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