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Samsung’s latest ad stars Leo Messi as humanity’s last hope for survival (video)

Four-time Ballon d’Or-winning footballer Lionel Messi is the protagonist of a new and exciting Samsung commercial, being named captain of the Galaxy 11 team that will take on aliens in a deciding game for the fate of Planet Earth.


That’s all part of a marketing campaign kicked into gear by Samsung, albeit the evidence supporting an imminent extraterrestrial invasion of Earth is pretty conclusive and can be examined here. Real threat? Conspiracy? Who knows?

What’s clear, especially after checking out the latest Sammy ad below, is that if it all comes down to a football match, we’re in good hands. Or rather good feet, as there’s no way little green beings from Mars or Venus will ever be able to juggle a football better than our Messi. Or score more goals than the guy, for that matter.

Unless, you know, they somehow recruit Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery and Andres Iniesta, in which case Messi alone won’t be enough. The good news is the Argentinean will soon get backup, as Samsung is apparently serious about assembling an 11-man dream team of earthly football players.

Besides, the Galaxy 11 manager will be German Franz Beckenbauer, a two-time Ballon d’Or winner himself and selected in the FIFA World Cup Dream Team back in 2002. Beat that, E.T.!

As a side note and somewhat off topic, what’s with Samsung and aliens? First, they befriend and use them for technology innovation and now they challenge them to a life or death sports contest? Odd, don’t you think?

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