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Samsung unveils ATIV Book 9 Plus and ATIV Book 9 Lite 13-inch ultrabooks

Hey, remember how we told you yesterday that Samsung was planning to intro multiple ATIV Book 9s in London? Well, voila. ATIV Book 9 Plus and ATIV Book 9 Lite are the official names of the new ultrabooks, which are bound to replace Sammy’s old Series 9 in the grand scheme of things.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

As the names suggest, the Book 9 Plus is the new flagship, while the Lite is a little more modest and, hopefully, budget-conscious. Hopefully, because there are no words on pricing yet.

Now, exactly how cool is the ATIV Book 9 Plus? Very. It sports a spectacular 13-inch touchscreen with a 3,200 x 1,800 pixels resolution, it packs the new Intel Core i5 and i7 processors (codenamed Haswell) and promises obscenely long battery life – 12 hours between charges, to be specific.

Compared with the Series 9, you should also notice improvements at the backlit keyboard and trackpad, while the design is short of perfection, but not by much. The Book 9 Plus weighs in at 3.06 pounds, which is a little on the bulky side of 13-inch ultrabooks, but the metallic finish and overall feel of the laptop are, in lack of a better word, premium.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite

The different configurations are a little unclear to us right now, but we know the top dog will come with a 256 GB SSD, 8 gigs of RAM, plus all your traditional connectivity options, including USB 3.0, VGA and HDMI.

As for the ATIV Book 9 Lite, that’s also a 13-incher, but it esentially steps things down in all departments, starting with the screen’s resolution – 1,366 x 768. The Intel heat is gone too, with a quad-core AMD chip replacing it, whereas the battery is “only rated” at about 8 hours.

The solid-state storage will still go up to 256 GB, but the RAM will be maxed out at just 4 GB. Finally, the 9 Lite is set to be a little heavier than its “cousin”, weighing 3.17 pounds with a non-touch display and 3.48 in its touch-enabled flavor.

Via [Engadget]

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