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Samsung to open source Bada, rely less on Google Android


With Google acquiring Motorola, it looks like Korean company Samsung plans to open source its Bada platform next year. The move is to get more manufacturers and developers to help grow the Bada ecosystem, and also to be less reliant on the Android mobile operating system.

Google's acquisition of Motorola has created a huge impact, especially to mobile phone makers. And Korean company Samsung is planning to open source its Bada platform next year to garner support from other manufacturers and developers, and to be less reliant on the Android operating system. Although no concrete details is available at press time, Samsung currently has no intention to acquire software company; not even HP's webOS.

Once the Bada platform has been made open-source, mobile phone and set-top box manufacturers are free to use and modify the system, and hopefully attract more developers to create applications and grow the Bada ecosystem. In August, Google acquired Motorola for US$12.5 billion and critics are worried that Motorola would be the search engine giant's "direct descendant" with priority to the latest version of Android. If Samsung continues to rely too heavily on Android, it could put the company  at a disadvantage in the mobile phone market. Prior to the news of acquisition, Samsung increased its support for other operating systems – the company will be launching three new Bada smartphones in October.

Source: xda.cn

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