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Samsung to launch world’s first 4G LTE-Advanced Smartphone, a Galaxy S4 variant

Today’s LTE networks in the US barely live up to the original parameters that were set of this standard. LTE Advanced hopes to change that, and Samsung will be ready for this change with the world’s first 4G LTE-A compatible phone, a Galaxy S4 variant

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced

Oh look here Ma! Samsung’s making yet another variant of the Galaxy S4. Thankfully, this one might actually bring something new to the table. LTE Advanced, often referred to as “true 4G” has been in development for sometime now. The technology is theoretically capable of 3 Gbps downloads and 1.5 Gbps uploads, but of course real-world speeds will be much slower.

Yota is the world’s first network operator to offer LTE-A service, marketing their service to offer speeds up to 300 Mbps. The same new standard in the US is expected to offer about 150 Mbps, nearly 10 times the speed of current 4G LTE networks in the country. Presently, only AT&T and Verizon are confirmed to begin upgrading their hardware to support the new standard, which they plan to offer to the public in the 2H of 2013.

LTE Advanced

The Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced will reportedly show up in the US , either this month or next. Either way, the actual rollout of 4G LTE-A network will happen later. Thankfully when that does happen, Samsung will be ready with their Smartphone offering for the US carriers.

Samsung will first sell their new Galaxy S4 variant in Korea only. Under the hood is Qualcomm’s unreleased Snapdragon 800 monster SoC that promises to decimate the competition when it comes to performance. We’ll see it soon enough.

Source: Reuters

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