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Samsung to launch three Bada-powered smartphones this year?

Sure, the whole world has gone goo-goo-gah-gah over Android, iOS and to a slightly lesser extent, Windows Phone 7 when it comes to selecting a mobile OS of their choice for their new, shiny smartphone, and for good reason. However, there are also alternative mobile OSes out there to choose from, and Samsung's Bada is one of them. Or rather, make it 'three' of them: a leaked flyer has seemingly revealed that the Korean electronics giant intends to launch at least three Bada-based mobile phones this year.

So the mobile operating system scene is being dominated by three very powerful players: Google with its Android operating system, Apple with its iOS and lastly, Microsoft with both Windows Phone 7 and to a lesser extent, Windows 7. That is great and all, for choices are always good for both consumers and developers; users are not forced to commit to one particular platform, while competition ensures that developers are kept on their toes in delivering quality products and user experiences.

However, this does not mean that there are only three operating systems available for mobile users to choose from. While it is true that the aforementioned platforms are the most dominant in the market today, there are also other smaller-scale operating systems that fill various niches, and Samsung's Bada is one of them. And it seems that Samsung is going ahead to pull out all the stops to ensure that Bada does not fade away from the competition like a distant memory: a recent leak has indicated that the Korean electronics giant has at least three Bada-powered phones planned for launch this year.

According to a report from Badaworld.net, the first of three phones to launch in 2011 will be known as the Samsung Wave 578 and it will come pre-loaded with a slightly dated version of the Bada OS, namely version 1.1 as opposed to the current version, which is 1.2. In addition, the Samsung Wave 578 will feature a 3.2-inch display capable of WQVGA resolutions, a three megapixel camera and standard wireless communication options such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

Of greater interest though, are the two mobile phones which are slated for launch much later in 2011 (September and November respectively). Based on the image shown above, the model which will be launching in September appears to be a slightly higher-end model, as shown in the 3.65-inch display capable of HVGA resolutions and what appears to be dual cameras. This is in direct contrast to the model slated for a November launch, which features a much lower-res QVGA display and a three megapixel camera. That being said, it is interesting to note that all three mobile phones will feature NFC technology, a trait which has yet to find mainstream acceptance on most existing smartphones on the market today. 

Last but definitely not least, no information about pricing and specific release dates have been leaked out yet, so do check back for updates.

Source: Badaworld.net

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