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Samsung to launch Korea’s first Android-based Smart Home Phone on July

Considering how Google's Android operating system was originally designed to be an OS which is meant to be used exclusively by smartphones, it would be expected that Samsung's idea of introducing a line of portable media players that are powered by Android would raise more than just a few eyebrows. However, leave it to Samsung to put a unique spin on its latest Galaxy Media Player by launching it as a VoIP device that is capable of making phone calls via the power of the Internet. Now that has got to be some rather creative thinking on the Korean electronic giant's part.

Now that a smartphone is capable of fulfilling just about every single task under the sun that consumers could possibly ask for, would you pay good money to purchase an Android-powered device which is designed to serve as a portable media player, much like the approach Apple has taken with its iPhone and iPod Touch product lines? Well, it seems that Samsung believes that there is still a large enough market out there for such devices to justify the release of yet another addition to its Galaxy line of portable media players.

However, in what has got to be rather interesting twist to the story; Samsung will not be selling the its new Galaxy player as the portable media player that it is supposed to be, but as a mobile phone which is capable of making actual phone calls. Wait, say what?

Well, according to the official press release from Samsung, the upcoming portable media player, which is also known as the Galaxy 070, will be able to function as a mobile phone of sorts due to the use of VoIP to achieve this feat. In fact, to further convey the message that the Galaxy 070 is capable of functioning as a mobile phone (albeit without a SIM card), Samsung has announced that it has teamed up with LG U+ for the Galaxy 070's official launch on the first of July this year, where the device will reportedly be marketed as Korea's first ever Smart Home Phone to be based off the Android operating system.

Further sweetening the deal are the hardware specifications of the Galaxy 070: Samsung has confirmed that the device will boast a four-inch Super Clear LCD screen, a rear-facing camera capable of capturing still images at a maximum resolution of three megapixels, a T-DMP module, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 8GB of memory and support for additional storage via the use of microSD cards.

Customers who purchase the Samsung Galaxy 070 Smart Home Phone from LG U+ will be charged the same tarrifs that are currently has in place for existing "Internet Phones". However, the company has also added that it will be enhancing the functionality of the device by allowing consumers to access the all-important Android Market on the Galaxy 070, a decision which will definitely appeal to users considering how important a role apps play in the popularity of a mobile platform.

No information about the Galaxy 070's pricing has been revealed by either company. 

Source: Samsung Korea via SamsungHub

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